About Us

Inkie Doodle was established with the philosophy that the personal touch leaves a lasting impression. No matter how advanced technology becomes, everyone still loves to receive hand-written notes, thoughtfully designed announcements, warmly welcoming invitations, and uniquely personalized gifts.

This is what Inkie Doodle is all about. In addition to our substantial stationery collection, there are loads of fabulous product that will reflect not only your personal style, but - if it's as a gift - how much you care about the people you are sending them to. Whether you’re looking for something classic, contemporary or chic, you can find it here.

And of course, if you need some assistance in selecting just the right thing, we would love to help you. Please send an email to info@inkiedoodle.com


*ink it with style*

personalized stationery (and other fabulous goodies)
for the many styles of you


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